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An interface into the Windows95/WinNT/2000/XP registry. If you have ever tried to use the registry in any of these, you will know that the process is arcane to say the least! Totally Objects Registry provides you with an interface into the registry that conforms to the standard VA Dictionary interface. Access is not restricted to your own user area so any available registry area can be used, subject to access permissions.

Registry makes it very simple, for instance, to store and retrieve default file paths and printers.


To register a piece of software execute this:

    registerCompany: 'TestCo'
    software: 'MyApp'
    version: 'v1.0'

To set and get values for your software execute this:

node := (RegistryNode
    company: 'TestCo'
    software: 'MyApp'
    version: 'v1.0').

and then treat node like a dictionary. Thus, you can say node at:'filepath' put:'c:\myfilepath'. Values accepted include not only strings, integers and byte arrays but, any VA objects (except SortedCollection and anything sub-classed from that, due to restrictions in the Swapper).

Needless to say, as the concept of the Registry is a Windows concept, Registry is only available for these platforms. In addition, the usual warnings regarding operating on the Registry apply. You are advised to always back up your registry before testing software against it.

View the Registry Manual (HTML)

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Registry 8.6 Unlimited Developers Freeware   Freeware *
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1 Annual support provides for an unlimited number of problem reports (by e-mail only), all bug fix releases and all new versions (TotallyObjects do not guarantee that there will be any functional upgrades during the support period covered. However, it is our intention to make at least one additional functional version release per year.)

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