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What are turtle graphics?

Originating in the Logo programming language, turtle graphics is a means of drawing using the concept of a turtle crawling over the page with a pen attached to its underside. Where, the turtle goes, you get a line. Over the years, the concept has go progressively more complex and capable and now encompasses text, images, and so on. Also, the assumption is that the turtle understands its environment and thus knows where it is and so on.

Visibility is Totally Objects printing framework. This presents you with a series of classes that create individual print objects on the page. Each object has a set of attributes that define its size and look. However, this process can be complex and a lot of our customers have wrappered up the creation of pages using building blocks and other ideas. In a quest to make Visibility easier to use, we have added a turtle graphics front end to it with a wide range of features. These features result in the following benefits to a Visibility programmer:

Additional benefits may be gained by adding Totally Objects TOScript to the package. These include:

Now - see how to program Visibility using Turtle Graphics click here

To see how to drive Visibility using Turtle Graphics click here 

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